Relationship Strategies
Bridges Challenges

Relationship Strategies sustain powerful solutions.

Do these rough seas reflect destructive waves of stormy relationships, or do you feel the power welling up inside change to exhilarating happiness?

You learn to be captain of your yacht, setting your sails and navigating through life's many challenges. Developing waves of confidence, not shirking your responsibilities.

You'll understand the wisdom of setting your automatic pilot to achieve goals outside your comfort zone, joining the academy of other winners in life, where authentic grit is your constant companion to overcome the monstrous seas!

At the same time, those automatic thoughts that  have embedded as habits, need to be investigated, as they may have twisted your thoughts from reality of what you really want out of life!

Get ready for a journey of a lifetime.

My Strategies

All the concepts of Positive Psychology, also known as the Science Of Happiness. I embrace  these nuggets of gold, because the evidence is backed by vast years of research! The video below gives you a quick overview.

Hi Bryan here, with Relationship Strategies.

I specialise in Relationship Coaching, not only can this transform your life, it's potentially powerful enough to snowball to couples, families and future generations.

My Labradors have shown me what unconditional love is all about. Giving me a life balance, to help anyone create harmonious relationship firstly with yourself and significant others.

Those are my indicators, it would be a pleasure to discover what yours are?

Relationship Strategies open the doors for you, to a Discover Session where I explore with you, what heartfelt connections, you want to develop with people.

Your life stories play such an important part. A simple re-write may promote the solutions to your goals.

My counselling and coaching qualifications, are further fueled with many years of life long experiences.

Being in the trenches exposes me to the 'raw nerve' of life's challenges and carving out healthy relationships that are necessary every step of the way.

Which lead  me to the following observations, of having a special affinity with seniors and retirees to help them ‘rethink’ retirement into new opportunities, often a time to heal relationships with children. Add new relationships with friends and, of course with themselves.

Marriage Guidance
We Are Your Advocates!

The infinite power of couples relationships:

Coralie and I have the runs on the board (56 years) to guide you through a marriage that not only provides love and connection but forges the individual qualities of the loving couple into a oneness that sits higher than any human need!