Bryan Bossley and Family Believes...

Window to Relaxation and Laughter!

  • Bryan Bossley here, Coralie and I believe that our marriage of 55 years, sets the precedent of unconditional happiness and harmonious relationships.
  • My life experiences have empowered me to look at my core values gained through these experiences and consider them as my motivating propeller, to become qualified as a professional counsellor.
  •  (AIPC Dip.Cous.) and a Robbins-Madanes trained coach, embracing Strategic Intervention ...this method promotes a fun loving relaxed experience for you and me!
  • Looking at the beach (above) captures similar memories.
  • My sessions are designed around you to help achieve heartfelt relationships, wherever you, and in what stage in life you at.

I matches these qualifications in the links below:

What this does for you; helps transform your life to new heights of exiting possibilities!

I have a life balance that is very dear to me, my Labradors have shown me what unconditional love is all about. I'm an avid jazz fan. When I saw the Diana Krall's Live in Paris dvd, the synergy between her and the band members, as well as the audience. My senses were working overtime with these surging harmonious relationships. These are my examples, what's your spark? Is there something you've always wanted to do, but may be fighting to get it out ... and feel good about yourself!

Health and Fitness 
For Seniors.

I'm so grateful for mine. Look at this video to appreciate mental and physical go hand in hand!

I'll be a participant in this trial for Exercise and Healthy Brain Ageing.

So Much To Be Grateful For!

What's In It For You?

  • Bryan, or Boz as I'm affectionately called,
  • Combines these skills and professional qualifications.
  •  I’m able to offer you help in obtaining harmonious relationships at any stage of life your in. 
  • This opens your door  to many possibilities!
  •  My business as a Relationship Strategist helps you develop a bridge to have have harmony, fulfilling breakthroughs in your life, and continue to keep them that way, so they can be passed  on powerfully to the generations that follow.
  •  I have skills that helps elevate you to new heights of relationship elation. Not only will you learn from your strengths, also how to capitalise on your weaknesses.
  • The surge of powerful waves (above) metaphors your power within... waiting to be released!

I've Had My  Share of Challenges Too...

I challenge myself everyday!

Bryan Bossley,
My Cruel Experiences!

  • Huge learning difficulties  at school, unpleasant bullying there as well. 
  • Unhappy, setting self-imposed limitations on myself that blocked me from achieving my father's excellent academic record and sporting prowess.
  • Plagued with poor self-esteem and lack of confidence, anxiety attacks, early in my working career, unable to cope at times with high pressure demands in the sugar industry.
  •  Poor communication skills.

  1. It was only in my mid thirties, when I changed career’s to the Life Insurance Industry, There I found a true mentor that helped me believe in myself, and with his encouragement, we development programs of self-development books, seminars.
  2. Here was my first appreciation of what wholesome human relationships was all about.
  3. That snowballed positively to all areas of my life. It was a great feeling to hear...Bryan Bossley, you've qualified for a top award!
  4. I reinvented myself from being a shy introverted person to being successful in the life insurance industry, winning numerous sales awards and becoming a member of the Million-Dollar RoundTable.
  5. I had many critics that said I wouldn't make it educationally (low IQ @school) and, in sales.

I Humbly Defied My Critics.

What My Friends Affectionately Call Me!

Vivien, Stephanie and Sean gave me this spoon with the inscription below!

Bryan Bossley, You're Our #One Stirrer!