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Albany Creek, I practice here as a Relationship Strategist, surrounded by the relaxed atmosphere of all the essential services within minutes of your doorstep. Happiness and the joy of living with my family for the past 37 years and still counting our appreciation and gratitude of living peaceful environment.

One of my comfortable consulting rooms on the left!

My therapy is looking for the good qualities and strengths in people and helps drown out those negatives in the 'flow of Creek'

 My Jinker Track Experience (below) illustrates a real-life drama of events capturing these positive emotions. This experience taught me the value of unconditional love and divine intervention. Yes, from my dog Prince!

I have great pleasure in using my strategies (compounded by those Jinker Track experiences)  to zero in and focus on what you are good at, and the strengths you have that may be pushed deep by negative pounding! It's very much the here and now and the empowering force you can control for positive outcomes!

Equally important, we'll discover some of your heartbeat experiences that will propel you to greater relationship harmony with yourself and others!

Ok, you may have things that hold you back, no denying here. I help you untie these knots, by drowning out the negatives!


Power of Your Words:

When I watched Caroline Myss fantastic video, it hit me like a ton of bricks, that single word or phrase used negatively habitually can and do have a toxic effect on our relationships.! Click the highlighted link, to see what I mean!

In my readings of Positive Psychology, it became very evident their foundations (backed by extensive research ) happiness, well-being and true grit and gratitude spearhead success, not the other way around!

Albany Creek, Retirement Contemplators

After reading 'Avoid Retirement and Stay Alive' by David Bogan & Keith Davies, I realised this book was the game changer for me.

Just one phrase on the back of their book ignited my passion:

"Checked your forehead lately? See a use-by date?"

"No? Then why on earth are you worried about retirement?"

I'll be reaching out to those in the community that want to reinvent themselves to take advantage of the vast business opportunities,  lie waiting on the community doorsteps!

I affectionately consider those that have that passion, as having  'Triple R Ratings.' Rethink-Retirement-Revolutioners.'

With my wide-based qualifications and real-world experiences, I'm able to help you go beyond self-imposed limitations and exercise your full potential!

"The Jinker Track Experience."

Divine Intervention is live and kicking, my little video (below) creates this pulse!

This may trigger your own unique experiences, from memorable events in your life?

Albany Creek Relationship
Humble lessons!