Faulty Thinking
Relationship Wrecker.

Faulty Thinking distroys healty and happy realtionships. A single negative can block reality. Watch my video to get a snapshot of this!

  • All-or-nothing: You see things in black or white only.
  • Overgeneralisation: A single negative can colour your world of defeat.
  • Mental filter: This single negative that you have dwelled on blocks reality.
  • Disqualifying the positive: By maintaining a contrary belief contradicts everyday experiences.
  • Jumping to conclusions: Hanging on a contrary interpretation even though no definite facts to support your conclusion.
  • Mind reading: You arbitrarily conclude that someone is reacting to you and you don't bother to check it out.
  • The Fortune Teller Error: You anticipate that things will turn out badly and feel convinced that your prediction is an already fact.
  • Magnification or the Binocular Trick: You exaggerate, or you shrink things.
  • Emotional reasoning: You assume that your negative emotions necessarily reflect the way things are: "I feel it. Therefore it must be true."
  • Should statements: If you don't do the must and oughts you'll be punished. Nothing further from the truth!
  • Labelling and mislabelling: "I'm a loser", Or he's a damn louse."
  • Personalisation: You see yourself as the cause of some adverse external event for which you were not primarily responsible.

Baby Stepping
Faulty Thinking

I'm indebted D.D Burns great book: 'The Feeling Good Handbook.'

We wouldn't have problems selecting and being guilty of many items on this menu. Automatic thoughts or bad habits.

What you and I are going to do, is get rid of this junk food off the list and develop a new recipe of healthy wholesome brain food!

The strategies or ideas to achieve this are going to be effectively simple and powerful as a,b,c. 

I have found that when interviewing clients their number one blockbuster challenge in achieving harmonious relationships is their thinking dismantles reality from its rightful throne. 

My programs take you through Baby Steps to untwist negative thinking,  sustainably.

Together, we'll be going through, what I call a simple three-step process that will make a delight to do:

1. Using Baby Steps, that may sound childish, however, have proved to be so powerful and successful life-changing. 

 Jeff Olson, in his famous book, called 'Slight Edge.' You'll find them easy to do and easy not to do, because of people, through faulty thinking, think they are oh so simple they are not worth doing. Ever watched a race? The winner beats their opponent a fraction of a second! You don't to be an athlete to achieve this slight edge success in any of your challenges or building relationships.

2. We interlock this great edge to slowly but surely dismantling these relationships busting automatic faulty habitual thought patterns. Ok, won't happen overnight because you've had years of practising them. 

3. Hugely important step, the radar beams on your achievements and we capitalise on them, being the seeds of your greatness for your solutions you want!