Reinventing Retirement
Compounds Opportunities

 Seniors, reinventing retirement, You open an illuminated world you didn't know existed! The lights are on to forge new relationships and unprecedented opportunities compounded by your indelible life skills and in the trenches experiences!

You're At The Starting Blocks...

Reinventing Retirement, requires mental and physical preparation for encountering journey's twists and turns.

Reinventing Retirement
Requires Preparation!

  • An athlete would not shortchange themselves, on physical or mental preparation before the event.

  • Nor should you Seniors. Research into older adults is increasing the awareness of mental and physical activities renews brain cells pointing at preventative measures to dementia, just one example. There's hardly an illness that does not enjoy preventive benefits from exercise mentally or physically. Nothing new here, but ignored by the masses!
  • I'm walking the talk, by being a participant in the Queensland Brain Institute program for Healthy Brain and Exercise research projects.
  • Being a Relationship Strategist, I will help you develop strategies that will prepare you physically and mentally to take advantage confidently, open up new thinking patterns that enhance your life experiences and any passions you hold into reinventing yourself to a new world of opportunities!
  •   The internet offers a comprehensive way to Google your search for what you want your compelling future to be. 
  • Reinventing Retirement is equally relevant to men and women.
  • Those with disabilities physical or mental health challenges cannot rely on these excuses of not wanting to reinvent themselves and achieve greatness.
  • I work for a disability organisation that don't let these excuses get in the way!
  • Successful evidence in the Commonwealth Games.
  • Just because some folk are 'labelled' with disabilities, it doesn't necessarily mean that all doors to achievement have no keys!
  • Reinventing Retirement might be your wake up call to get out of your comfort zone and do something inspiring and profitably!
  • To take this example for the moment, Autism and Downs Syndrome and other medical conditions have found the internet a valuable haven to achieve successful online businesses.
  • Case studies will back this up; I'll do this, in a later post.

Reinventing Surely
Little Risky But!

Reinventing Retirement

Here are some examples:

revolution of
Retirement Rethinkers

Barry La Valley, so apty puts it:

It's far too easy to think of retirement as an extended holiday and not consider how to get more out of your new circumstances.   

Barry La Valley is a Canadian educator and retirement expert. He’s been in New Zealand promoting his latest book: ‘So you think you are ready to retire’.

Barry says too often people are clear about they are retiring from but not entirely clear about what they are retiring to.

“My advice is to remove the focus on money and start thinking about life issues. Start looking at retirement from an emotional perspective. Your life still has to have meaning so figure out what you value in life before you retire. Retirement is the opportunity to spend time on things that you love doing and are already doing.

“Retirement isn’t one long phase of life but a multi phased journey. At each stage there are opportunities and challenges so you need to roll with the punches. For example when you face a health issue think “how can I get the best out of this situation?”

Successful retirees are generally optimistic people who believe they can control parts of their lives.

“They seek out new opportunities to learn or experience new things – they refuse to give in to an attitude that focuses on ageing as negative or that retirement means being “near the end”.

Barry La Valley says many people make the mistake of spending like drunken sailors in the first three years of retirement.

“My grandmother use to say “cut your coat by your cloth”. In retirement this means making adjustments to your lifestyle so that a reversal in the share market isn’t likely to change the way you live. The key to financial comfort isn’t about how much money you have, it’s about how you feel about your financial situation.”

Barry’s retirement tips:

  • Assess how you live your life today and how you want to live it in the future
  • Remove the focus on money and start thinking instead about life issues.
  • Good relationships and health are the biggest keys to a successful retirement
  • The same skills that helped you succeed in the work place will make you successful in retirement.

‘So you think you are ready to retire’ by Barry LaValley with Cambridge Partners NZ.