Retirement Rethink
Why Would You?

Retirement Rethink has some valid reasons:

Many would be feeling at the crossroads when retirement approaches and the emotions to fit the occasions of whether retirement is welcomed, or forced and made redundant due to a number circumstances. Such as:

  • Technology, existing skills don’t match.
  • Interestingly, maybe we should be looking the Singapore Model.."Second Skilling" In a recent Ideas at
  • Age dictated by industry, or your own thoughts and other influences.
  • Ill health or disability
  • Am I going to have enough money?
  • Your self-esteem may take a longer wanted!
  • And yet...this could be your forced wake-up call to develop the courage to untie the shackles to your locked away passionate dreams!

My programs are for those that want ‘reinvent’ themselves to have a compelling passionate future, that won’t feel like your working, but a joyous feeling of worthiness and valuable contributions, so its fitting your rightfully earning extra income!

Online Example

Retirement Rethink,
Gaining Momentum!

The Australian Government
Reading My Mind,
 Retirement Rethink?

In the newly announced budget:

The Government is providing more choice for older Australians to live healthier, more independent and safer lives, so they can take advantage of the opportunities that a longer life brings.

This ties in promoting 'Exercise and Healthy Brain Ageing' in the trials I'm participating in. Video below:

Retirement Rethink has many followers. Even the Australian Government's on my same page!

Join the Rethink Retirement Revolution, or become Triple R Rated!

  • Here's some examples of people that ignored the status quo and,
  • Compellingly reinvented themselves:
  • Allan Stewart, dentist, lawyer, obtained his master's degree at the age of 95,
  • Cruised into the Guinness Book of Records in 2006, as being the oldest graduate of a 90 years old, in law.
  • He was an inspiration to many students and graduates. I met one, she was blown away!

I spoke to Allan, early in 2018, when he was 102 years old. 

He died early March 2018 about 10 days shire of his 103rd birthday

Can Be Compelling!

Have Passion?
Consider Online?

Opportunities, Under Our
Very Noses!

David Gilmour was playing a round of golf at Natadola, in Fiji (my homeland) and he noticed one of the team players, get out European labelled  bottled water, from his golf bag.

Thought to himself, why can’t Fiji produce similar quality, instead all the way from France! The rest is history. David became one of the owners of ‘Fiji Water’

Now one of the leaders in the world of bottled water. Check out the movies sometime and see what actors are drinking!

New Business Hole-In-One!

Another example of a person from my homeland that I have personally met is Daryl Tarte, author extraordinaire, shattered the myth that retirement was the end of productive life. What he has done, continues to do, would find himself proudly in Fiji’s

Who’s Who Book!

Daryl was able to find a rich fabric in the tiny isles of Fiji, and convert that pulse

to diverse achievements of passionate contribution to the whole nation!

• A force to be reckoned with in the Sugar industry, moved on at 65

• To help set up a Private Hospital, to private to level care in the community

• As chairman helped put leadership on the Fiji map, generated rich relationships with the next generation of leaders!

• Chair of Fiji Media Council, preserving media freedom and disciple.

• Director of Denarau Island, largest tourist development Fiji.

• Many other achievements, to fill a book,

• Which he did, at last count 10, gripping novels!

• From all that Daryl and his wife Jackie do and continue to do, leads an extraordinary balanced life!

• What sort of 80th would Daryl give himself?

• Sky diving birthday present!

Bloody & Lustful Story...